The vision


I looked to the North and I turned to the West
For a sign, a light in the sky
Oh, the message is clear, that the time is near
For a leader to come again

A circle of stones on the head of a hill
Tonight is where it will be
In this desolate place, we all stand and wait
For a leader to come again
Yes, a leader will come again

For it is written, that a leader will be here
And then a vision, left me blinded by the light
And it started right in front of my eyes


And I saw a burning chariot
And the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Waiting on high
And I heard the thunder rolling in
And behold our leader on a pale horse riding in the sky

And I saw this land a battlefield
With a hundred thousand men
Fighting hand to hand
And I heard the sounds of victory
And the rivers ran red with the blood of our enemies

And I, I saw fire from the sky
I saw fire and I saw paradise (paradise)
Fire from the sun, I saw fire
And I saw Alpha and Omega

Fire, I saw fire
And I saw paradise (paradise)
Fire, I saw fire


I am left in the night, trembling with fear
I have seen to the future and the future is here
Our leader will bring victory, but our land is in flames
And as the final sounds of battle disappear, I had to say

What about me and you and the ones that we love?
What about me and you and the ones that we love?
Well, what about us?


I put this lyrics here as this is something which came in my mind these days. Sorry, for the confusion, this may take in your mind. It was the last sentence – about what happen to the ones that we love, which always makes me thinking.

You wanna know who wrote it? It’s an artist who often tell stories. He wrote some well known “soft” balades, but also some pretty powerful and melodic stuff like “Crusader” or this one… It’s Chris de Burgh. All the lyrics are of course his property and I have no idea, if I violate any interlectual property laws by simply publishing this lyrics here. I hope not.

I placed it here as I want to honor a man who was by my side somehow the last 30 years. His song “In a country churchyard” played at the church while I married my Anke. The first concert I’ve been (together with my mother as I was 14 years) happen in Grevenbroich at an ice hockey area. And I still remember the crowd singing the “spaceman came travelling” long after Chris already walk from stage.

I wish you all a peaceful and silent christmas and a healthy and lucky next year.




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